Rajwadi Mukhwas (whola) : 110 grm x 3 (330 grm)


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Sauf (Fennel Seeds), Dhana (Coriender Seeds) Dal, Jequirity Leaves (Chanothi), Ground Coconut (Nariyal), Ground Sugar (Chini), Ground Dried Dates (Kharek), Rose Petals (Gulab), Sweet Fennel Seeds (Sauf), Ijmith, Olive Oil (Jaitun ka Tel).

Saunf helps control bad breath and helps to relieave digestion problems. Olive Oil prevents Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer, controls Cholesterol and improves Nail Health.Dry Date Helps Maintain Bone Health,Ground Coconut may benefit your brain and improve immunity,Chanothi leaves Some chemicals in the leaves and root may help with allergy symptoms& improve blood sugar levels, The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture in the skin

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Weight0.33 kg
Dimensions33.7 × 18.2 × 10 cm